October 2015

The Signup

The sign up will open Saturday the 31th of October 2015, at 15:00 UTC.

Enough tickets

The cruise ship M/S Symphony accommodates more than 2000 passengers in almost 1000 cabins. Even though Solmukohta won't fill the ship, some cabin classes may run out. Thus, we encourage early sign ups.

Ticket prices

There are two options for boarding the cruise, either from Helsinki or from Stockholm. Both cruises last 4 nights.

The ticket consists of a base sign-up fee (including Saturday's gala dinner), a cabin and optional food choices. Your total price will vary according to your choices.

We are still fine-tuning the last details of the ticket prices. The cheapest ticket will be approximately 120€ and from there up according to your choices on cabins and meals.

Soft deadline: after December 15th 2015, the base price for the event will rise with 10 €.


There are two options for the sleeping. Either you let us place you or you team up with friends.

If you let us place you, you'll only pay your share of the cabin. Normally this is 1/4.

If you team up, one of you pays for the entire cabin and the others join in. You can be 1-4 people in the cabin and divide the costs as you wish, but we need to know who is sleeping where in order for you to get a boarding pass for the cruise ship.

We recommend choosing a Promenade-class cabin for optimal price/comfort zone.

The cabin details are listed on M/S Symphony's website: see http://www.tallinksilja.com/en/web/int/silja-symphony-siljaline-cruise-ship#tabs-content-1


Solmukohta's ticket includes the gala dinner on Saturday night only. The gala is a full buffet dinner with plenty of options -- both allergy friendly and vegetarian/vegan. The buffet includes free beer and wine.

You can purchase additional meal packages to the dinner and breakfast buffets. Both the breakfast and dinners include a wide variety of food -- also allergy friendly and vegetarian/vegan. The dinner buffet includes "all you can drink"-style lager beer and "wine".

The cruise ship has several other restaurants and cafés where you can get both cheaper and more expensive food. These have their separate menus.

Solmukohta does not offer prebooking for these places, but for the restaurants you can prebook once on the ship. Some of the restaurants can become full at times. Preordering buffets guarantees a spot.

The lowest cost one can survive with is perhaps around 11 € per day + snacks from the tax free shop. The boat also has refridgerator units which work on a 2 € fee. Remember that alcohol is tax free on the boats.

Payment methods

You can pay your Solmukohta participation fee either

You will receive an confirmation email after submitting the sign up form with payment details.

Please check your confirmation email and make sure that the amount you receive is correct.

You ticket is not finally registered before we receive a confirmation of your payment via bank, your country contact, or the credit card payment provider.

What's next

A Week In Finland (AWiF) dates are: 4th to 9th of March 2016. AWiF is slowly forming, and more information about it will be out during November.

The Edularp Conference Helsinki 2016 will take place 8th of March 2016 during AWiF. Read more here: http://solmukohta.org/index.php/Edularp/Edularp

The Call for Program will be out 6th of November 2015.

Practical information about Solmukohta 2016

  • Dates: 9th to 14th of March 2016
  • Location: Tallink Silja cruise ship between Helsinki and Stockholm
  • AWiF dates: 4th to 9th of March 2016
  • Helsinki cruise: 9th to 13th of March(Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki)
  • Stockholm cruise: 10th to 14th of March(Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm)
  • Solmukohta program items: 10th to 13th of March

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You can contact us at info@solmukohta.org or via other channels:

  • Solmukohta website: solmukohta.org
  • Solmukohta 2016 Twitter @solmukohta2016
  • Solmukohta 2016 Facebook fb.com/solmukohta2016
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