The Soul of Solmukohta

Code of Conduct

Even on the ship we are all bound by the laws of Finland and Sweden - drugs, violence and harassment are illegal.

Empty chair policy: When sitting in a group talking, have an empty chair by the table so that it is easy for people who might not know any of you very well to join your conversation

Speak English: This is an English speaking conference, to include everyone, speak English at all times in public spaces.

Harassment and bullying: Even common sense says that there’s no space for harassment and bullying in Solmukohta. If you are asked to stop the behaviour you are conducting: Stop it! Don’t be a douche!

If you feel that someone is breaking the Soul of Solmukohta, contact the Info Desk, Organiser On Duty, or the main organisers (+45 42403443 / Massi).

“Solmukohta is a playful space.
It is a summer camp, a student club, and a rock festival.
It is a place where like-minded people gather to think outside the box,
to meet new people, to fool around.
When newcomers describe Solmukohta as a magical experience,
it is this playfulness they are talking about.”

- Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros